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Johanna. 25. Chicago. Warrior-writer and adventure-nanny. Gryffindor. Connosieur of mermaid myths and bargain champagne. Narrative junkie. Possibly a swamp monster. Has fallen off more than one stage. Once walked six miles through Kumamoto, Japan without any shoes on because I was too proud to ask for directions home. Good at getting lost. Can make a cocktail out of anything. Arbiter of Fry Law. Namesake of the Sexy Strouse. Fluent at flirting in French. Fluent at apologizing in Japanese. Overthinks. Overdresses. Oversleeps.

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Body Talk


Top 30 Favorite Dance Tracks of All-Time

#29 Dancing On My Own by Robyn

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6 unpublished selfies (actually 6 snapchats 2 of which I never sent forget published). I found 9 I wanted to use but the meme said 6 and that is all you need to know about how many selfies I take.

I tag anyone who wants to do it.

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Florence and The Machine,

Take a deep breath, suck the water in my chest.

File under: songs I’d forgotten that sometimes come up on Pandora and make me cry for stupid reasons.

In the same way
I would spend hours as a child
trying to trick the refrigerator
into spilling all - “Does your light
stay on when
your doors shut?” - I watch
you walk away and
wonder if I’m really hungry
or just curious.
Around Midnight, k.s. (via kat-sinclair)

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