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Johanna. 25. Chicago. Warrior-writer and adventure-nanny. Gryffindor. Connosieur of mermaid myths and bargain champagne. Narrative junkie. Possibly a swamp monster. Has fallen off more than one stage. Once walked six miles through Kumamoto, Japan without any shoes on because I was too proud to ask for directions home. Good at getting lost. Can make a cocktail out of anything. Arbiter of Fry Law. Namesake of the Sexy Strouse. Fluent at flirting in French. Fluent at apologizing in Japanese. Overthinks. Overdresses. Oversleeps.

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The role of the artist is exactly the same as the role of the lover. If I love you, I have to make you conscious of the things you don’t see.
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I keep asking people at this party if I can take pictures of their suits because I have a blog.

The only apparent option when covered in coconut oil (moisturizing) is to lay naked on a towel in the middle of the floor and catch up on podcasts.

I’m okay with this.


scarlettwriter:Winner of the Miss Skeleton contest - My kind of beauty pageant.

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Is she a Ride or Die Bitch?
Does she make you shiver under your skin?

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One weird thing about having bangs that I can brush to the side is that in photos my hair is always going the opposite direction of the way it does in my head/the way I am used to seeing it in the mirror?

Like no wonder I don’t like candid photos of myself they’re all going the wrong way.


Umbrellas Street, Portugal.

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