"Dear old world," she murmured

"You are very lovely, and I am glad to be alive in you."

Johanna. 25. Chicago. Warrior-writer and adventure-nanny. Gryffindor. Connosieur of mermaid myths and bargain champagne. Narrative junkie. Possibly a swamp monster. Has fallen off more than one stage. Once walked six miles through Kumamoto, Japan without any shoes on because I was too proud to ask for directions home. Good at getting lost. Can make a cocktail out of anything. Arbiter of Fry Law. Namesake of the Sexy Strouse. Fluent at flirting in French. Fluent at apologizing in Japanese. Overthinks. Overdresses. Oversleeps.

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"Hey, Lizzie. It’s George. I’m sure you remember me. Everyone remembers me. I’m not sure you’re watching this but I’m sure you will be in the future and, trust me on this one: I really, really want you to. I just wanted to say, and show you (and Darcy, who will be watching by the time I’m done, too), that I can get to literally anything and anyone you love. Look at your baby sister. Look how she is leaning on me. So abandoned! So vulnerable! So easy! I’ve been watching your videos so I know you’re hanging out with Darcy: you should probably ask him what happens to the little sisters of people who fuck with me. Anyway, when you watch this video I hope that you understand what she means to me: nothing, and how happy we are together: not at all. I’m pretty much going to destroy her now and I couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks, Peach."

This may not be an exact transcript but it is what I heard.

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    Uhh…what? Really?! It’s unbelievable that people is this world can be this heartless..
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    yup pretty much
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    So @mjncrieff is this what you were thinking after watching the latest Lydia episode?
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    Yeahhhh… I heard that too. Are you sure that’s not an exact transcript?
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